PenguinPenguin is experimenting with a group-authored book based on the Web technology behind Wikipedia.

A Million Penguins is an experiment in creative writing and community. Anyone can join in. Anyone can write. Anyone can edit. Let’s see if the crowds are not only wise, but creative. Or will too many cooks spoil the broth?

This isn’t the first time Penguin has tried to involve its customers in creating product. Last winter, Penguin announced the release of classics with blank covers encouraging readers to send in photos of their personalized books. It resulted in some amazing reader artwork. Now if only Penguin would get its act together with e-books, such as allowing readers to know which books will be released in e-book format and when. More importantly, isn’t it time for Penguin and other majors to release DRM-free e-books?

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Also of interest: Steve Jobs’ offer to open up iTunes to non-iPods if the record labels will stop insisting on DRM, via AP.

Via Yahoo News.


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