From Planet PDF comes word of Kdan Mobile releasing an updated PDF reader for iOS:

Kdan Mobile, a developer of mobile applications, has released version 3.8 of PDF Reader, a major update to its powerful mobile PDF application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The new version includes a new user interface, optimized annotation tools, PDF form-filling capability, support for new file types and it integrates with online storage applications

Kdan’s PDF Reader has the following key features:

  • Powerful file viewing engine
  • Supports various file formats including RAR, ePub, CBR and CBZ
  • File transfer capabilities through WiFi, USB and Cloud storage
  • Document scanner
  • Annotation tools
  • Efficient file management
  • AirPrint for printing emails, photos, web pages and documents
  • Supports hyperlink in PDF files
  • Supports Zip files
  • Supports bookmarks, outlines and thumbnails

And, again from Planet PDF, Adobe has released a PDF reader for iOS:

Adobe Systems Incorporated, a leader in multimedia and creativity software, has announced the release of its PDF reader for iOS. Adobe Reader is now available free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Apple’s App Store.

The new Adobe Reader for iOS features a highly-intuitive user interface for fast and efficient viewing of wide range of PDF files, including password-protected PDFs and Adobe’s LiveCycle rights-managed PDFs. It allows users to open and view PDF files straight from emails, internet browser or any other application that supports the “Open In” function.

Below are the key features of new Adobe Reader for iOS:

  • Open PDF files from e-mail, internet browser or any other application that supports “Open In”
  • View PDF portfolios, PDF packages, annotations and drawing markups
  • Read text annotations such as sticky notes
  • Open password-protected PDF files
  • Access PDF files secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management
  • Supports PDF encryption up to AES256
  • Search text strings
  • Supports bookmarks to jump directly to sections in PDF files
  • Select single page or continuous scroll modes
  • Usable zoom feature
  • Supports thumbnails for quick navigation
  • Select and copy text from PDF files
  • Print wirelessly with AirPrint
  • Email PDF documents as attachments


  1. Adobe’s Reader for iOS looks nice but it seems to be missing a delete PDF option. If you open a PDF in that reader, it is copied into that app’s “sandbox” (which is how all iOS apps deal with documents opened using the “Open in” feature.) and you can’t remove it. If you can, which I couldn’t find, it is using some nonstandard interface option to do it.

    But it sure looks nice.

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