Reboots-FrontCovHere’s a mini-pay-what-you-want e-book bundle for this month: a pair of whimsical science-urban-fantasy novels from Mercedes Lackey and one of her Secret World Chronicle co-authors, Cody Martin. (I used to play City of Heroes with both of them.) The way it’s set up is, you can get the first book for free, or you can order both of them for a minimum of $1.99, suggested price of $3.99.

I’ve read the first book; it’s highly amusing. The premise is pretty clever. It’s set in a science-fiction universe in which various supernatural critters—werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc.—have become useful in outer space work due to their various powers. In the novella by Martin that starts the book, a group of mistreated monsters on board one such ship decides to mutiny and find a nice quiet world of their own to settle down—but that’s just where the main story, by Lackey, begins. I’m quite looking forward to reading the second one.

Once you purchase the books, you can download them in DRM-free MOBI or EPUB formats.


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