Paperback Paradise 1The ebook cover design workshop from Hell? Your youthful readerly innocence defiled? Cerebral meltdown in the junior fiction department? The ultimate used, abused, and losed bookstore? A plot against American family values?

There are many thinks you can say about Paperback Paradise. Ewwww. OMIFGOD. LMFAO. You people are sick. And: Where can I get me one of those?

Paperback Paradise 3

Fortunately, nowhere. For this dark mutation of YA cover art exists only in sick minds out there in the Twittersphere and freaking out Facebook. So future generations will be safe from titles like “Wrestle Me For America, You Thieving White Shit,” and “Taco Bell Destroyed My Anus.”

Paperback Paradise 4

“The world’s #1 used book store,” runs the blurb for the Paperback Paradise archive. “Come visit us at the edge of eternity.” Sadly it seems to be defunct right now. Which is probably just as well for sensitive minds.

Hosannah for the Death of Print. Because there are some books that should be lost to eternity and never, never be digitized…

Paperback Paradise 2



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