oysterOyster launches to new literary initiatives today—a literary magazine called ‘The Oyster Review’ and an Author Advisory Board where authors will provide feedback on product and content decisions to Oyster.

There were a few things about these ventures which are worth noting. Firstly, the review magazine is an on-line freebie. I confirmed this with the rep I spoke to because I know they have been slow to roll out services to Non-Americans, and I wondered if this new magazine might be an aspect of their service that I might try. She confirmed that anyone who could access the website—Review.OysterBooks.com—can read the magazines.

And on the advisory board front, my question was just who would be advising? I was heartened to note that of the three authors listed in the press release—Roxane Gay, Megan Abbott and Lauren Oliver—I recognized two of the names. If Oyster can get other authors at this level to advise them, that may indeed be an asset that will help them become a viable competitor to some of the big boys.

Good luck with your launch, Oyster!

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