Screen shot 2010-06-10 at 6.08.58 PM.pngI love dictionaries and wish I could subscribe to this personally, but it costs 40 pounds for a one year subscription and I don’t think that is reasonable. This is from the press release:

Oxford University Press is proud to announce its brand new modern English dictionary and language reference service, Oxford Dictionaries Online. Based on the largest language research program in the world, ODO gives users Oxford’s largest modern English dictionaries, thesauruses, and usage guides at their fingertips. It is sure to become the go-to resource for business professionals, writers, copyeditors, linguists, academics, students, teachers, non-native speakers, wordies, and anyone wanting to “look it up.”

Smart linked, fully searchable content powered by Oxford’s largest modern English dictionaries and thesauruses

More than 350,000 entries and definitions and 600,000 synonyms and antonyms

Regularly updated so that the most current meanings and the latest new words are just a click away

Extensive sections with detailed writing, grammar, and spelling guidance make this more than a simple online dictionary

Peerless specialist language reference resources for professionals, students, educators, writers and more

Audio pronunciations in US and British English provide a complete profile of each and every word

You can get more information here.


  1. Ahh. That will be why Paragon lost the right to have them as apps on the App Store. They were all pulled off on 31 May, but they had a fire sale before hand and I managed to get the English, French and German Concise dictionaries for £5 each. The print versions are around £25 and less portable, so a real bargain.

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