OverDrive released an update to its Media Console app for iOS and Android this week.

Version 3.0 offers a new interface with easier downloading of e-books through your local library; it also syncs over different devices. OverDrive works with libraries to offer lending of e-books and audiobooks.

I tried out the new version and found the upgrade to be well worth it. To start, there is audio to explain the new features and also screen prompts. It takes you through the update seamlessly.

The best part is how easy it is to sign in and download a book. It seemingly took extra steps for me to sign in, pick my library and then search for books. Signing in is just a touch away on a tablet and the interface is much cleaner.

I went from sign in to download of a book in about 30 seconds.

Since the app explains how it should be used, first-time users will find the app easier to navigate. Navigation was not one of the highlights of the old version.

This is the biggest update for the app since its debut.


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