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Received the following from Martynas Jusevicius:

we would like to announce that we’ve recently launched an updated version of an online ODT (OpenDocument Text) to ePub conversion tool:

The free version delivers ePub output to your email address.
The paid administrative interface includes:
* History overview – all your conversions with metadata, ODT and ePub files
* Validation – all ePub output gets validated with ePubCheck
* Users – an option to add more users to your account
* Customization options – advanced options to improve your ePub output

Supported OpenDocument features:
* Paragraph styles (standard, custom)
* Character styles (standard, custom)
* Lists (bullet, numbered)
* Tables
* Pictures
* Page-breaks
* Cross-references
* Footnotes
* Margins

Planned support
* Table of Contents
* Embedded fonts

API and DOC2ePub conversion is in the works.

We hope it will be useful. Feedback is very appreciated.


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