olpcVersion 1.75 of the One Laptop Per Child laptop has passed testing at the FCC. There are no photos or advanced technical details on the FCC site (indeed, there’s a letter asking the FCC to keep all that information confidential for 180 days (PDF) to protect manufacturer Quanta’s trade secrets), but prior coverage from Engadget shows the netbook is very similar in appearance to prior OLPC models. (The planned OLPC tablet is apparently still some distance away.)

The main difference from previous OLPCs seems to be that since OLPC has started using a low power Marvell Armada CPU, it has been able to cut the power consumption of the 1.75 to only 2 watts so it is now feasible to power the machines with a hand crank (to some extent; it would take two hours of cranking to charge the laptop completely).


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