Andrew Liszewski at the gadget blog OhGizmo! has published a long review of the new Kobo Touch, and in it he concludes that it’s the first ereader device he’d actually consider buying. He doesn’t mention Barnes & Noble’s competing Nook Touch, so I don’t know if he’d still feel so strongly about Kobo after a side-by-side comparison. Still, if you want to see lots of great detail photos of the new Kobo device then head over and check it out.

Liszewski also explains how you can access the hidden sudoku game:

If you go into the ‘About Kobo Touch’ section of the device’s main settings, on the last page you’ll notice that one of the names in the ‘Special Thanks To’ list is actually very, very small…

It’s not a formatting error though. Tapping on Richard Penner’s name will bring up a secret Sudoku game that has 4 levels of difficulty, as well as the ability to put ‘temporary’ numbers in each space as you work through solving the grid. I can understand why it’s not exactly a selling feature and why the company makes no mention of it in their PR for the Touch, but I think a lot of users would be happy to see it moved to a more accessible place in future software updates, because it’s actually quite playable.


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