On Book Riot, Morgan Jenkins writes an amusing little anecdote about her adventures dating someone who “didn’t read.” She tried to talk him into it, but he ended up breaking up with her. The end.

Really, it’s kind of amusing reading her tale of shock and horror. How could anyone “not read” (gasp, stare, choke)? Yes, I know, anyone who loves to read loves to read, and will react to the idea of someone not even wanting to read with a big ol’ hairy eyeball, at the least. But is it really that different from someone who hunts trying to date someone who doesn’t hunt, or someone who likes taking long walks in nature dating someone whose idea of “unspoiled wilderness” is the park down the block? If people don’t have something that big in common, it’s probably not going to work out. It doesn’t have to be reading.

From a dating point of view, there’s probably not even all that much strange about someone not reading. In fact, the ones who do read might be in the minority these days. So it’s funny that someone who does read looks upon the prospect of spending time with someone who doesn’t as so horrifying. Yeah, good luck with all those illiterate frogs before you find your book-loving prince, Morgan.

Meanwhile, if you’re having bad luck dating non-readers, you could try “dating” a book


  1. I read that blog post too, and felt sad for her. I do love books, but that is not the only thing I love, as it turns out 🙂 My own guy is not much of a reader, but he supports my dreams, is my cheerleader when I am down, and when I am in his arms, I cannot match that feeling. I am not giving up those very big things for the sake of a couple of books!

  2. And what happens when a reader becomes a non-reader or vice versa? Lomg ago, I met my wife in a book club when we were single. Over the years of marriage her reading has dropped to almost nothing and replaced by gardening and iPads. I’m probably going to keep her nonetheless. She be out gardening and I’ll be in reading and everything works itself out.

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