nosycinderellaAppCraver is carrying a press release from app publisher Nosy Crow, announcing that its Cinderella iOS appbook has won Digital Book World’s Publishing Innovation Award for Best Juvenile App:

“The Cinderella story isn’t new, but Nosy Crow’s developers use the app platform in new ways to make this an entertaining experience with extremely high play value and a long engagement time,” said the Publishing Innovation Awards judges of the Juvenile App category. “Clever design decisions, excellent navigation, and enhanced content allow young readers to play in a very natural way with the story. Readers can stay on a page as long as they like and will be rewarded for every tap, tip, or swipe.

While I doubt appbooks will replace regular books or even regular e-books, there is certainly room for well-created apps that can help the learning process. This $7.99 app (with a free lite version) looks like a good example—as well as a great example of how stories in the public domain can be put to commercial use.


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