nook-glowlight-plusB&N’s Web site briefly mentioned a NookGlowLight Plus e-reader yesterday, the apparent successor to the aging NookGlowLight, now marked down to $99. Is 300 dpi goodness on the way to compete with Amazon’s Kindle offerings and Kobo’s, too?

A MobileReader and Nate shared a screenshot, but when I followed up, it was gone. I also saw a reference in a B&N media kit via Google’s cache—but not, alas, the details.

NOOK GlowLight Plus™ Media Kit - Barnes & NobleWas this the e-reader with the six-inch screen mentioned in FCC documents last month? And, if we go by listings for new B&N-made casess, is an eight-incher also on the way?

In any event, I hope that B&N wises up and will allow Web-downloading of its books and restore a memory card slot. Decent tech support and low prices would help as well, along with an aggressive campaign to get big publishers to move on from traditional DRM.

If the large houses want to boost their sagging market shares and give Amazon the finger, what better way to do it than to team up with B&N and drop such reader-hostile technology? Don’t count on this happening, though.


  1. @Nate: Hey, glad I used the question mark. But at least the 6-incher looks pretty real. An aside: We’re changing the NSes. Hopefully these comments wills survive.

    Update: OK, OK, a SAMSUNG-made Nook. (And, yes, at least here in the US, the comments should again stick.) Nothing like NS changes as a distraction 😉

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