newsmeHere’s a TechCrunch piece about an interesting new feature that the iPhone newsreading app has just added. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS to know when the user is at his home, and then starts downloading news content in the background whenever he leaves that location.

A lot of news apps and sources won’t work when not connected to wifi, but this function will give people on the go something to read while in transit. The article wasn’t very specific about how the downloading function works, but I would assume it uses low-bandwidth mainly-text versions to load quickly and keep from saddling its users with unexpected data charges.

Of course, that wouldn’t work as well for my GPSless iPod Touch (assuming it would even install at all, as most new software these days doesn’t). Still, for those with iPhones it sounds like a clever way to make sure ways to stave off boredom stay close at hand.


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