Epaper display Credence ResearchA new report from Credence Research, “E-Paper Display Market – Growth, Share, Opportunities & Competitive Analysis, 2015-2022,” suggests continuous strong growth in the broad e-paper market, with a 13.6 percent CAGR from 2015 to 2022, when market size should hit over $3.8 billion. However, the same report declares that “the market for e-readers is on a decline.”

Credence Research’s detailed breakdown of the development of the e-paper space by product makes for some very interesting reading. It states: “In the base year of 2014, e-book readers was the largest product segment in terms of both revenue and unit shipments. It accounted for over half of the global e-paper display market revenue in 2014. This dominance can be attributed to the widespread use of electrophoretic displays in e-reader devices by the leading vendors including Amazon and Sony (Kindle and Sony Digital Paper DPTS1). Others including book store giant Barnes & Noble and Kobo are focusing on pushing their e-reader devices through bookstores. However, recent trends suggest that the sales of e-book readers are on a decline and thus, we expect the market for e-book readers to slow down in the coming years. On the contrary, signage and poster segment is poised to witness maximum growth during the forecast period 2015–2022.”

Does this suggest that we’re likely to see fewer and poorer e-paper devices in future, above all from Amazon? Actually, I rather doubt it. For one thing, the Kindle Oasis hardly suggests that Amazon is pushing things that way, though other vendors may be crowded out as Amazon extends its lead through such devices. Also, as well as “increasing use of e-paper displays in wide range of indoor and outdoor displays,” Credence Research expects strong growth in “product segments including mobile devices & PC and smart cards.” So we could be seeing more e-paper smartphones or accessories, like the dual-screen Yotaphone 2.

Above all, we’re looking at a robust industry foundation for e-reading devices of all kinds. Signage and display manufacturers will be busy turning out e-paper units in all shapes and sizes, and e-reading gadgets can simply ride the wave. Because it looks like a big one, and it’s not about to ebb.


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