htc-shift Liliputing reports a Digitimes rumor of a possible Android tablet from HTC planned to come out during the first quarter of 2011. HTC is one of the more popular smartphone makers, and has the expertise necessary to come out with a tablet. (They’ve previously released tablets, such as the HTC Shift pictured at left, that ran on Windows.) However, any information that could make such a tablet stand out from the raft of competitors seems to be lacking. (Though Liliputing did get wind of a rumored dual-screen device design from HTC earlier this year.)

And speaking of dual-screened devices, our sister blog Gadgetell reported on a laptop design with dual touch-screens—though unlike netbook-sized dual-screen devices of rumor, this one sports a pair of full-fledged 15” displays. That’s a bit hefty for book-like on-lap reading. It is rumored for a late 2011 release, though it is apparently “still slow and buggy” at this point. The original source for the story, Tech Review Source, removed its post at Acer’s request, so the Gadgetell blurb is all that’s left.


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