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Got an email from about his new interactive database.  It looks like a great idea, especially for those areas of the world where the big 3 have not yet driven out all the competition.  Here’s what he says about it (from MobileRead):

I was surprised to find that there are no websites that had all the ereaders in one place and allowed you to choose one by filtering/comparing.

As a result of my frustration, the site was born (I launched it in early December and it’s been well and growing ever since).

The website is basically an ereader database and comparison engine. Its sole purpose is to allow people to quickly find and compare ereaders according to one’s needs. There is a fairly user friendly (according to feedback I’ve gotten so far) filter form on the home page that allows to play with various ereader parameters, and as you adjust it the list of ereaders that match is being updated below on-the-fly. You can then select the readers you like and compare them side-by-side.

I tried to keep the whole concept simple and concentrate on just one thing – making it fast and easy to filter and compare ereaders. And that’s one thing I hope this website does well.

I also spent countless hours researching various devices and collecting information. Currently there are 125 devices in the database, but that number continues to grow as I go through my daily routine. Eventually I hope to be getting more info directly from users/vendors.

Take a look.


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