LiteratibyTheSharperImageInHand.jpgReceived a press release about this new ereader carrying the Sharper Image name. The Literati will ship in early October and will be available in over 7,000 stores including Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, JC Penny, Kohl’s and Macys.

It’s powered by Kobo and includes 25 free classics. It has a 7″ color screen (but the specs don’t say what type. I’ve asked the PR firm to find out.) and “Intelligent” WiFi. No mention of battery life yet, but it will come with a case and a coupon for automatically loading another 125 free titles.

Their website is here.

Update: the PR firm got back to me and said that it has an LCD screen with a 480×800 resolution.


  1. Oh! That’s just god ugly. It looks like a cross between a kindle and a nook. Why can’t these companies come up with their own design. I own a nook, an ipad and an iPod Touch and they all look better than that thing and I use them all to do different things.

  2. This story should be revisited — it’s actually a pretty amazon device. $159, available in 7,000 US retail outlets in October, fully synced access to Kobobooks, full colour … battery life is claimed as “weeks”.

    The videos at the link in Paul’s story are very impressive. More PR from Kobo directly at

    It really sets a bar for entrants of new colour devices and Kobo appears to be first.

    The same software and syncing appears to be rolled out (with further enhancements) in the Samsung Galaxy Tab that Paul reported here:

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