AmazonOh happy day! We’ve been cord cutters relying on Netflix for years, and yes, our son in college is one of those “digital moochers” that Joanna wrote about earlier this year.

Unfortunately, my son, husband and I all have different tastes in movies, and Netflix offers me up some interesting suggestions. (No, I don’t want to watch Chinese martial arts movies. Or depressing art flicks.) At least there aren’t any youngsters in the house, so I don’t have to deal with animated pony recommendations.

Netflix has been talking about adding profiles for most of a year now, and it looks like they are finally here. Or at least coming soon (rolling out over the next few days). To whet your appetite, here’s the video introducing how it will work. (Warning: Animated ponies at :46.)

I just checked, and my account doesn’t have them yet. Naturally, what they don’t mention is the hassle factor of re-rating all your movies and shows. I assume each profile will have to rate content, or the concept won’t work. Still, it’ll be a welcome addition.

One last note for mobile users. The iOS version of the app will get profiles first. Android users will have to wait a bit longer.


  1. I’ve been really lazy about rating lately, so this might actually get me off my butt to do it. Oh wait, I watch Netflix sitting down. Might have been the wrong metaphor. 😉

    And I’ll be skipping the connection to Facebook. Seriously, my friends do not need to know about my binge watching of 24.

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