Neilsen BookScanNeilsen BookScan has entered its 10th market.

The book retail measurement service is now tracking print book sales in Brazil.

“We’re keen to develop our service in Brazil because of the enormous potential of a booming publishing market there,” said Neilsen Book president Jonathan Nowell, in a release. “With a population of nearly 200 million starting to educate themselves, I think publishers and retailers have tremendous opportunities ahead.”

He added:

“We are looking forward to providing Brazilian publishers and booksellers with the same timely, business-critical information that their counterparts in other countries are familiar with and value so highly. This new service will play a significant part in the continuing growth of the Brazilian book market.”

Neilsen BookScan will gather data for the number of books sold, format and price. It will also show retail price against the actual selling price.

According to the release, Nielsen BookScan has just completed its first four-week period, and can now provide weekly reporting to its subscribing clients via its online service for the Top 500 best-selling titles.

Neilsen BookScan already tracks book sales in the United States, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Spain and India.

With 10 markets now under Neilsen BookScan’s scrutiny, it could be interesting to see how different populations differ in the books they’re reading. Different areas could show an interest in older titles or different genres, which would allow publishers to market the right books to the right market.


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