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From Ebookanoid:

Thanks to a regular reader of this blog, Keri, I can tell you a bit about Munseys, a website that has collected all the best and worst of that extraordinary form of fiction known as Pulp Fiction.   Ebooks such as No Orchids For Miss Blandish by James Handley Chase, an English author’s attempt to write an American Detective novel.   A total failure, but none the less an ebook that is worth reading, as it occupies a special position in the history of this particular genre.

They have an amazing collection of these very rough and ready detective novels, mostly by American writers, and all with those superbly awful and garish covers we knew and loved so well.   Such as Blond Bait by Ed Lacy (Who?) and so on. These ebooks are not only a strange glimpse into the mind set of that period, just around the Second World War and the sort of reading that millions of people enjoyed, but also a chance to enjoy a style of writing that used to be immensely popular.

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