hamletDavid Baldacci Lands Deal with Scholastic (GalleyCat)

Bestselling author David Baldacci  has signed a deal with Scholastic for a middle grade fantasy novel.

British Library Network Blocks ‘Hamlet’ for Violent Content (Techdirt)

The use of Web blocks — usually "for the children" — is becoming depressingly common these days. So much so, that many people have probably come to accept them as a fact of online life.

Why Keep Books? (Book Riot)

According to Plato, Socrates mocked people who kept books, because he said they used them as a crutch. By owning books, they believed they owned the knowledge in the books, even though they might have never even read them.

Will You Be in the 9% of Publishers That Survive? (Futurebook)

“Across industries, only 9 percent of disrupted organizations ever recover,” found Clark Gilbert and Clayton M Christensen in some recent research into innovation in digitally disrupted markets.

i-am-legendKindle Daily Deals: What do Vincent Price, Charlton Heston, and Will Smith have in common? They’ve all starred in movies based on Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, which is $1.99 today for Kindle.

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