end of printThe End of Print? Hold That Thought (Campus Books)
Don’t get us wrong, we think digital books have definite advantages and we love enhanced learning solutions that take eBooks from PDFs read on the screen to collaborative experiential environments with all sorts of interaction and quizzes and links and live help. But we see this as more of a complement to print books and reading on the page rather than a replacement. And we’re not alone.

Massachusetts Launches Statewide Digital Library Pilot (The Digital Reader)
Over the next 6 months the State Library System will be testing options for a statewide ebook library. If they work out then the Commonwealth of Massachusetts could soon be home to the single largest library consortium.

Which Three Skills Do You Need to Make it in Publishing? (Forbes)
Last week The Bookseller held its annual FutureBook conference in London, and one of the most interesting sessions of the day was about how publishers’ workforces need to change.

Sales Dip, Losses Rise at Books-a-Million (Publishers Weekly)
Sales for the third quarter ended November 2 at Books-A-Million fell 3.5%, to $100.4 million and its net loss deepened to $7.1 million from $2.8 million in the third period of 2012. Same store sales fell 8.5%.

Kindle Daily Deals: We Live in Water (and 4 others)

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