read an ebook week promotionIs Genre Fiction Creating a Market for Lemons? (Dear Author)
Two decisions have converged during the rise of ebooks to make low-production-value, low-priced books much more commonplace. The first is the original decision by the Big 6 publishers to conspire illegally to set and maintain high prices for their ebooks. The second is the decision of authors to self-publish their books and price them much lower than Big 6 books in order to gain market share.

Smashwords Announces Author Promo for Read an eBook Week (GoodeReader)
Dubbed Read an eBook Week, a campaign that runs from March 2nd through 8th, the event offers authors the opportunity to reach out to readers with promotional pricing on their books for one week only.

Books-a-Million is Pleased with its Espresso Book Machine Pilot (The Digital Reader)
In July 2013 Books-a-Million announced plans to install POD machines in their flagship store in Birmingham, AL and one of their highest grossing stores (Portland, ME) as part of a limited test to see whether print on demand can be integrated with the big-box bookstores operated by Books-a-Million.

Amazon’s Move That Should Have Authors Worried (Digital Book World)
In a blog post yesterday, Amazon’s Audible audiobooks service announced that it was lowering the royalty rates it paid content creators.

Kindle Daily Deals: At Home in Mitford (and others)


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