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Self-Published Erotica is Being Singled Out for Sweeping Deletions From Major Bookstores (The Digital Reader)
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WH Smith are taking a radical response to last week’s “news” that they sell boundary-pushing adult content in their ebookstores.

Screen Time with eBooks May be Good for Kids (Digital Book World)
Digital enhancements can help focus the attention of young readers on the words of a story and serve to develop this key pre-reading skill, according to a recent study by MeeGenius.

What is Editing Worth? (An American Editor)
As with all such speculative questions, the answer to “What is editing worth?” depends on who is answering. To me, it is worth many times what I am paid because my efforts help bring focus and understanding to those with whom an author wishes to communicate.

FRankfurt Book Fair 2013: Pricing is the New Piracy (Publisher’s Weekly)
Just a few short years ago, digital piracy was the big concern simmering at the Frankfurt Book Fair. But at this year’s fair, piracy has been a noticeably absent topic, replaced by a new, more pressing concern for publishers in the digital age: pricing.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Quarry (and 4 others)


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