MacmillanMacmillan Imprints to Establish Age-Related Book Divisions (GoodeReader)
Macmillan Children’s Books has made a move that is both brilliant and very telling of the state of the publishing industry. By splitting its children’s books division into two separate imprints based on the age demographic of its consumer readers, the publisher is acknowledging not only the very different needs and business practices of children’s book publishing, but is also currently strong enough in the market to focus on differentiating its publishing model.

You’ll Need a PhD To Make Sense Of The Pricing Schemes Publishers Impose On Libraries (Forbes)
Much has been written about publishers’ early reluctance to license or sell any e-books to libraries. That  is mostly past. But don’t get crazy and think that this must mean there is actual agreement or standards about how to structure the relationships between e-book publishers and their library customers.

No, Mike Shatzkin did NOT say that Publishing is Spiraling down the Drain (Mike Shatzkin)
As part of the promotion of the Digital Book World conference, I do some interviewing with the very capable Jeremy Greenfield, the editor of their blog.

Moby Not Just Giving Away His New Album For Free On BitTorrent, He’s Okay With You Profiting From It (Techdirt)
The musician Moby has long been an outspoken critic of the old recording industry. He’s been a big fan of giving away works for free (and noting that he’s made quite a bit of money from music he’s made available for free) and has argued strongly against the old gatekeepers. He’s criticized their anti-innovation views, suggested the RIAA should disband for suing music fans, and said he can’t wait for the major label gatekeepers to die.

Kindle Daily Deals: 11/22/1963 (and others)

Editor’s Note: 11/22/63 is excellent and highly recommended if you haven’t yet read it.

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