fanfictionA Licensing Model for Fan Fiction (Future Book)
As fanfiction continues to mature and become a more popular medium with greater revenue opportunities, it may soon be time for the publishing industry to take another look at the possibility of introducing alternative licensing systems. Building new relationships with readers and enabling new income streams for authors and publishers could be just some of the benefits.

How Many Times a Day Do You Violate Copyright Law Without Even Realizing It? (Techdirt)
In fact, he notes that pretty much everyone agrees that full enforcement is “undesirable and counterproductive.” And, really that should be a clear sign of just how flawed the law itself is.

Kobo Takes Over Sony eBook Business in Europe & Australia (Digital Book World)
Sony customers will be able to shop Kobo’s catalogue, which includes the most popular bestsellers, literary works, comics, graphic novels, and kids’ content. North American Reader Store customers were transferred to the Kobo platform earlier this year.

Freelancers in Conflict: A Guide for Assessing the Risks (Media Shift)
The market for freelance journalists is both increasing and increasingly competitive. There’s a 24-hour news cycle to fill, and few media organizations have the staffing to do it without turning to freelance newsgatherers.

Kindle Daily Deals: Havana Lost (and others)

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  1. The fanfiction article, while making some good points, makes it sound like people get sued frequently, which isn’t the case.

    It made me think of the Supernatural convention I was at last weekend. One of the actors, Osric Chau, mentioned something about his character (Kevin Tran) teaching Sam and Dean about video games. Then he paused, and said, “Wait a minute. That may have been something one of you wrote.” When people involved in shows read fanfiction, there’s not a big worry about being sued.

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