licensed brands drive discoveryLicensed Brands Drive Discovery and Sales for Kids Apps (Digital Book World)
“When kids search for your books, they’re not searching for the books, they’re searching for the licensed characters and titles,” said Huang. “Licensing drives search and sales.”

McDonald’s Expands Free eBook Program Into Germany (The Digital Reader)
The new literacy/advertising program will be running for the next couple months, and it will feature ebooks on the subjects of natural wonders as well as stars and planets.

Copyright Week: Take Copyright Back (Boing Boing)
This week is Copyright Week, and every day this week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and its allies in the fight for a fair, balanced copyright will be posting new article explaining how to fix copyright.

How I Built a Raspberry Pi Tablet (Make)
When I set out to build my Raspberry Pi tablet I wanted something different. I wanted an all-in-one system that was usable, portable, and Linux based. Additionally, it had to look good.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Edge of the Earth (and others)

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