KoboSimon & Schuster Enters eBook Subscription Distribution Channel (Digital Book World)
Simon & Schuster will be distributing its back-list to ebook subscription services Oyster and Scribd, becoming the second among the world’s five largest publishers to do so.

Surface Pro 3 Hands on: Better Laptop, Yes; Better Tablet, Maybe (GigaOM)
Even at first blush it’s easy to see that Surface Pro 3 is a better laptop than its predecessor: It’s thinner, lighter, has a better display with more room to work and has a super trackpad. Is it a better tablet? That’s hard to say.

Kobo Launches New Book Review Section (The Digital Reader)
A few days ago Kobo announced on the Kobo Writing Life blog that they are growing their own review section.

Challenging the Status Quo in Digital Publishing (GoodeReader)
We solved a major publisher problem, yet the status quo prevailed.

Kindle Daily Deals: Supercell (and others)


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