harpercollinsHarperCollins Humble eBook Bundle with Gaiman, Bujold. Coelho, Williams and More (Boing Boing)
It’s a really big deal that HarperCollins has teamed up with the Humble Bundle. When I was curating the first of these bundles, a bunch of big name HarperCollins writers — and their editors — were incredibly excited about the opportunity, only to have it crushed by head office, who wouldn’t allow them to sell books without DRM.

Judge Says You Don’t Own Facebook ‘Likes’ on Your Page (Techdirt)
In a world where people are always pushing the idea of “intellectual property” over just about everything, is it really any surprise when people assume all sorts of property-like rights in things that clearly shouldn’t have any such thing?

On Reading Your Book Club Book When You’re Not Interested In Your Book Club Book (Book Riot)
The best book club discussions are when people feel strongly about the book—one way or another—and that will happen much less if book club members refuse to read books that they aren’t interested in.

It’s Official: US Regulators Say that Monkey’s Selfie Cannot be Copyrighted (The Digital Reader)
Noting that “The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants”, the US copyright office ended the most captivating copyright debate of the year not with a bang but with the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen.

Kindle Daily Deals: Vanished (and others)


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