hachetteIs Hachette Playing Dirty Tricks in Their Contract Dispute With Amazon? (The Passive Voice)

PG says if Hachette wanted to take advantage of Amazon Derangement Syndrome to score PR points in a pricing dispute with Amazon, it could hardly find a more credulous audience for a phony story than The New York Times, where all this began.

A Brief History of Book Vending Machines (Huffington Post)
There are lots of reasons why a white elephant technology doesn’t catch on. Sometimes the technology is ahead of its time. In other cases, no amount of time can make a misguided technology useful or attractive.

Then there’s vending machines that sell books.

Were Indie Authors Really Segregated at the RT Booklovers Convention? (The Digital Reader)
There’s a story going around today that self-published authors were relegated to second-class status at a book fair in New Orleans yesterday, but whether that actually happened is still up for debate.

Scribd Now Has 400,000 Ebooks, ‘Ahead of Oyster’ in Publisher Revenue, CEO Says (Digital Book World)
The catalog for Scribd’s $8.99-per-month ebook subscription service has now hit 400,000 titles, founder and CEO Trip Adler told Digital Book World this week. Further, Adler claimed that for some suppliers of ebooks, Scribd was now the fourth largest revenue source.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Contractors (and others)


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