free ebooksReaders Gravitate Away from Free Books (GoodeReader)
New research is suggesting that giving your eBook away for free might not be effective anymore.

Social Media Marketing for Novelists, Is Relationship Building (Digital Book World)
But social media marketing does not have to mean getting on a loudspeaker and booming out self-lauding messages. That model for promotion is not necessary. Instead, think about marketing as building relationships.

Art or the Future of the Printed Book? (Brave New World)
This weekend in a quiet small local market in Bath we came across two stalls which caught our eye. One was selling lampshades at £75 each and the other origami objects. The thing that was interesting was that both were using printed books as their base material and draw.

What Are They Thinking? UPs and the Road to Self-Destruction (An American Editor)
I am interested in buying the books in hardcover — definitely not paperback and only maybe in ebook. I want the books as additions to my library. Yet the hardcover versions are not remotely reasonably priced, even though these books are likely to be print-on-demand books, not traditionally printed and distributed.

Kindle Daily Deal: Let me Call You Sweetheart (and others)


  1. In the early years of Kindle ownership, I download nearly all the free titles available, but I discovered (after awhile) I never actually read the freebies and had no real desire to do so. The book might have been free – but the time it would have taken to read was too expensive in comparison.

    It has been a long time since I’ve download a free book.

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