Book Industry too Busy Playing with the Wrapping Paper (Digital Book World)
The truth is simple: the answer in the short-, medium- and long-terms is quality. And this isn’t some groundless utopian rant; it is a straightforward, old-fashioned fact. When the industry stops the internal debate and looks out of the window, it will realise who will make or break them: the customer.

When the Old Ways Work (Kristine Kathryn Rush)
There’s a good reason to disparage the way Things Have Always Been Done. But here’s the catch: The old ways work. Occasionally. Sometimes. When done right.

Recording Industry Earns More from Fan Videos Than From Official Music Videos (Toronto Star)
YouTube generates more money for record labels through fan-made videos than official music videos, a global recording industry report says.

UK Book Market Grew by 20% in 2013 (The Digital Reader)
Nielsen has revealed today that ebook purchases in the UK rose by 20% in 2013, with self-published titles making up one sale in five.

Kindle Daily Deals: Five Books by Italo Calvino

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