Netflix for booksTips to Make Time for Tech in the Classroom (Teachers with Apps)
Make time for TECH? How? I can barely get off the computer doing mundane chore after chore. Where is the time for meaningful planning and execution of lessons?

Everybody Wants a Netflix for Books (The Scholarly Kitchen)
I will enjoy Pandora while it lasts, but it does get at the point that record labels, movie studios, and publishers do not exist to make their users happy but to make their shareholders happy.  What may appear to be sluggishness or lack of vision on the part of publishers may in fact be a shrewd understanding of their own interests.

Anonymity, Transparency & Online Book Reviewing (Dear Author)
One of the first and most obvious problems with this position is that so many authors write under pseudonyms. Consequently, it seems unreasonable, even hypocritical, to demand that reader-reviewers – who ostensibly have no commercial interest in a book’s success or failure – receive less protection and take on more risk than those individuals who have intentionally entered the commercial marketplace for personal profit.

Lessons Publishers Can Learn from Harlequin’s Annual Results (The Passive Voice)
Romance authors include a lot of business-savvy people and many have done quite well in both the art and the business of self-publishing.

Kindle Daily Deals: Elyon (and others)

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"I’m a journalist, a teacher and an e-book fiend. I work as a French teacher at a K-3 private school. I use drama, music, puppets, props and all manner of tech in my job, and I love it. I enjoy moving between all the classes and having a relationship with each child in the school. Kids are hilarious, and I enjoy watching them grow and learn. My current device of choice for reading is my Amazon Kindle Touch, but I have owned or used devices by Sony, Kobo, Aluratek and others. I also read on my tablet devices using the Kindle app, and I enjoy synching between them, so that I’m always up to date no matter where I am or what I have with me."


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