ebook pricing gambleThe Hachette Job (Joe Konrath)
What interested me most started on page 25. Since investor-speak is often difficult to understand, I’ll attempt to translate into English.

Does Wall Street Like Amazon’s Tough Tactics? (Forbes)
The book publishing industry may be upset about Amazon’s tough tactics in its contract dispute with publisher Hachette, but at least one group is cheering the retailer on: Wall Street.

A Gamble on eBook Pricing (Chronicle of Higher Education)
The e-book-pricing contracts that college libraries and publishers are now renegotiating are essentially bets worthy of Atlantic City or Las Vegas: Libraries are gambling against publishers in an effort to get access to the most material at the lowest cost.

A better deal for authors from a digital publisher? Yes, actually (The Guardian)
At digital publisher 0s & 1s, 80% of profit goes straight to the writer – much more than traditional print or Amazon.

Kindle Daily Deal: Never Tell (and others)


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