dear author logoeBay and PayPal to Part Ways in 2015 (GigaOM)
Thanks to pressure from activist investors, eBay and PayPal will be separate entities next year, ending 12 years of togetherness.

Stephen King Predicts That Physical Books Are Here to Stay (GalleyCat)
Author Stephen King predicts that the physical book will “be here for a long, long time.”

Update on the Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author Defamation Suit (The Digital Reader)
Much has changed in the three days since I brought you news that Ellora’s Cave was suing well-known romance book blog Dear Author for defamation, and few of the changes favor Ellora’s Cave.

Four Methods for Choosing What to Read Next (Book Riot)
Sometimes, it feels like dating. Sometimes, it feels like visiting a salad bar. And sometimes, it’s just the willy-nilly, seat-of-my-pants moment of insanity that only happens in my life when it comes to books (and food, let’s be honest).

Kindle Daily Deal: The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk (and others)

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  1. So Stephen King tried making eBooks work for his situation and didn’t like the result. So now that he’s stuck with print, he’s attempting to jawbone the rest of us into believing likewise and, more importantly, acting on that belief. It’s just business.
    Since not many people drop either pBooks of Kindles in the toilet, he really didn’t give much of a reason for his prediction, save the claim that a great number of people are psychologically and culturally wedded to the physical book.

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