digital vs printDigital vs Print: What is the Future of Reading? (Digital Book World)
This is a topic that has headlined presentations since the digital revolution began, but interestingly, we still don’t have the full picture of what reading will look like in even one year, let alone ten, fifty, or one hundred years.

Accepting Amazon’s DRM Makes it Impossible to Challenge its Monopoly (Techdirt)
Monopoly, of course, is economically the correct term. Publishers of books that are restricted by copyright have a set of exclusive rights granted to them by law. Their monopoly looks distinct from Amazon’s near-monopoly bookseller position, though, because it’s one agreed to in public policy.

Read-it-Later Service Pocket Goes After Evernote with a $5.Month Premium Service (GigaOM)
Pocket, which has now hit 12 million users, is adding a paid tier that enables permanent archiving of content.

Confessions of a Once-Tyrannical English Teacher (Book Riot)
I lived by the wisdom of Flannery O’ Connor, who once quipped that it was regrettable if students didn’t find the books teachers assigned enjoyable, but that it was teachers’ job to cultivate, rather than merely satisfy, their students’ taste.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Sweet Hereafter (and others)

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