diesel ebooks shutting downHere’s the Google vs. Amazon Pricing Breakdown (GigaOM)
God bless RightScale. It did the math to calculate how Google’s new price cuts compare with current Amazon Web Services pricing so I didn’t have to.

Complete Humble Bundle eBook Lineup Revealed (Boing Boing)
Four more books have been added to the final week of the third Humble Ebook Bundle.

It’s Official—Diesel eBooks is Shutting Down in Four Days (The Digital Reader)
When I reported the speculation yesterday that Diesel eBooks might be shutting down in 5 days, I was hoping that I had gotten the story wrong. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Why You Should Keep a Journal (and how to Start One) (Lifehacker)
Writing can do wonders for your health. Beyond keeping your creative juices flowing—a separate topic we’ll get to shortly—regular writing can give you a safe, cathartic release valve for the stresses of your daily life.

Kindle Daily Deals: The One I Left Behind (and others)

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