ComiXologyThe Gallery of Horrors Bundle (StoryBundle)
We have a fantastic lineup of authors in this pay-what-you-want collection, chosen to represent so many aspects of the horror landscape.

Comixology to Offer DRM-Free Backup Copies (PW)
Comixology, the digital comics marketplace, announced plans to become the latest platform to offer DRM-free content.

Why Does the Author’s Guild Refuse to Even Acknowledge Views of Authors Who Disagree with It? (Techdirt)
When an organization tries to conceal what its critics are saying, it’s fair to surmise that something else is driving its behavior. And I don’t know what that thing could be other than fear of contrary opinions the organization senses are more compelling than the organization’s propaganda.

Amazon Sales up 23% to $19.34 Billion in Second Quarter (Digital Book World)
Revenues at the nation’s largest bookseller increased 23% in its second quarter to $19.34 billion. At the same time, losses increased to $126 million; the company lost $7 million in the second quarter last year.

Kindle Daily Deal: Next Victim (and others)

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  1. LOL Amazon at the bottom. Face it – they can’t get expenses low enough to earn a profit from all them there sales! And other companies are able to compete just to the point where Amazon can’t raise its prices. Amazon is heading for a big fall or they’ll have to raise prices and modify their business model.

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