Pocket and EvernoteScribd Launches Kindle Fire Reading App (Digital Book World)
Demand for a Kindle app has been resounding: more than 100,000 users have come to Scribd since October 1, 2013 seeking an app compatible with their Kindle Fire device.

Book Publishing May Not Remain a Standalone Industry and Book Retailing Will Demonstrate That First (Mike Shatzkin)
You are missing some good fun if you don’t know those AT&T commercials where the grown-up sits around a table with a bunch of really little kids and asks them questions like “what’s better: faster or slower?”

What’s Really Wrong with Education in the US? (Teachers With Apps)
The question, What’s Really Wrong with Education in the US?, posed by Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education, was the basis for a recent New York Times article>.

Combine Pocket with Evernote for a Clutter-Free, Paperless System (Lifehacker)
Clipping everything to Evernote makes it hard to sift through all of your notes as well as the stuff you clipped. It not only clutters Evernote up, it makes it harder to search, when there are web clippings you plan on discarding after reading.

Kindle Daily Deals: Poppet (and others)


  1. I thought it was interesting that the way the Lifehacker article suggested using Pocket and Evernote is exactly how I already use them. Pocket is easy to dump things to read later, but if I want to keep it, I always send to Evernote. Glad to see I’m doing it “right.” 🙂

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