copyrightHas Canada Caved on Copyright Term Extension in the TPP? (Michael Geist)
According to the Japan News, those countries (which also include New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei) are prepared to cave to U.S. pressure to extend the term of copyright to life of the author plus 70 years.

Apple Unveils Promo Codes for In-App Purchases (GoodeReader)
Developers now have the option to offer promo codes to unlock all fremnium content within their apps.

Books-A-Million Tries to Make Online Hay Out of Amazon-Hachette Dispute (Digital Book World)
In a press release (below), bookstore chain Books-A-Million claims that Hachette books are among the most popular on its online retail destination,

Penguin Random House Has Formed a Consumer Marketing Group (GalleyCat)
Penguin Random House has formed a division dedicated to marketing directly to consumers called the Consumer Marketing Development and Operations Group.

Kindle Daily Deals: Seven Grams of Lead (and others)

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