NookNook Sales Nosedive (Digital Book World)
There’s no sugarcoating it: Nook took a big hit over this past holiday season.

The End of Tabloid Papers and the New Quest for Media Responsibility (GigaOM)
Tabloid newspapers have long used their powerful cover to influence and intimidate. Their looming disappearance raises interesting questions about what counts as highbrow and lowbrow media these days.

Kickstarter is Cool (and Probably Not for Me) (John Scalzi)
In many ways it would seem I’d be a prime candidate to do a Kickstarter. I don’t see one in my near future, however, save possibly one in which I have a cameo role at best, and for which I have no responsibility for planning or disbursement.

Pornographic Content Found in Nook Tablet in Children’s Area of B&N Store (GoodeReader)
In what can be termed as a re-run of the pornography issue that had brought shame to several ebook stores months ago, a tablet in one of Barnes & Noble store at Texas was found to have X-rated material in it.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Nero Decree (and others)

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