book ban in uk prisonsCanadian Bricks-and-Mortar Book Sales Dip Slightly in 2013 (Digital Book World)
BookNet Canada has released the 2013 edition of its annual market report, The Canadian Book Market. The report compares English-language print book sales in 2013 to 2012, and includes market stats, in-depth data for over 50 categories, and pricing and format trends.

New Tax Laws Could Increase UK eBook Prices by as Much as 20% (The Digital Reader)
The Guardian is reporting that the next budget for the UK includes a rather nasty clause that closes the Luxembourg tax loophole enjoyed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other online sellers.

Authors Fight Ban on Books in UK Prisons (GalleyCat)
British authors Phillip Pullman and Mark Haddon are among many that have spoken out to stop new rules that restrict access to books among prisoners in the UK.

New York Public Library Implements New eBook Discovery Engine (GoodeReader)
If you are a regular visitor to the New York Public library to browse their selection of eBooks, you are in for a treat. There is a new discovery engine added to search that will offer algorithmic book recommendations.

Kindle Daily Deals: Death on a High Floor (and others)


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