apple vs amazonAre You an Apple Family or an Amazon Family? (GigaOM)
Both Amazon and Apple have new programs that let family members share downloaded content. Which one makes more sense for your family?

Publishing Battle Should be Covered, Not Joined (NYT)
Many readers have complained to me that The Times is demonizing Amazon and siding with publishers and those authors who support them. A pro-Amazon author charges that the paper is spewing propaganda and, on Twitter, asks for a public editor “intervention.”

Ten Best Literary TED Talks of the Year (Book Riot)
Every year on Book Riot we’ve put together a round-up of our favorite literary TED talks.

How Libraries Preserve eBooks (PW)
But there is a greater, long-term concern with the way our e-book future is shaping up—preservation.

Kindle Daily Deal: No Way Back (and others)


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