Cover of The Silkworm on AmazonReports of the Failure of Digital Publishing Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (The Digital Reader)
Horowitz ‘s article is replete with the subtext that his mistake was in going digital, and not that he had the bad luck to sign with two digital middlemen which subsequently went under.

Why Pseudonyms? (Book Riot)
I can understand the many reasons an author will write under multiple names. It builds up a following that doesn’t involve a popular name. It helps keep concepts, genres, and writing styles straight in your own mind, and in the eye of the publisher. I just hope the one I was really excited about this afternoon turns out to be more of a Patricia Cabot situation and not a Sophie Kinsella one.

How Important Are Library Sales to the University Press? One Case Study (The Scholarly Kitchen)
In the comments section of a recent Scholarly Kitchen posting by Rick Anderson, a now-familiar point of controversy was raised: to what degree do university presses rely on libraries as customers for their books?

Amazon Faces Criticism for Limited Availability of JK Rowling’s New Novel (EW)
After not selling the ebook for The Silkworm when the book was first released, Amazon has received a barrage of negative comments on its site, and has now added the option to buy the ebook.

Kindle Daily Deal: Tijuana Straits (and others)


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