cheap ebooksWho’s Afraid of Very Cheap Books? (David Gaughran)
A common meme in publishing is that cheap ebooks are destroying the world or literature, and that low prices are undermining the viability of publishing or writers’ ability to make a living.

Dedicated Audiobooks App for Romance Fans Coming to iOS (GoodeReader), the streaming and downloading audiobook service for fans of the format, announced its new dedicated romance app that will put bestselling steamy titles in one easily found location.

Toronto Library Offers Store-Quality Book Printing to Customers (CBC)
The Asquith Press, costing about $68,000, sounds like a photocopier while it works, but the Plexiglas sides reveal each stage of the book making process.

Digitized Books for Disabled Don’t Need Author’s OK (Bloomberg)
A group of university libraries can make digitized books available for use to the disabled, and for word searches, without permission from the authors, an appeals court ruled.

Kindle Daily Deal: Elise Sandburg Series (and others)


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