Morning Roundup

eBookstores Now Dropping Prices on Some Random Penguin Books (The Digital Reader)
It’s been nearly 7 months since Penguin settled with the US Dept of Justice, but it wasn’t until today that the prices finally started dropping.
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No Dog Days of Summer for Publishing This July (Digital Book World)
Typically July is one of the slowest months in book publishing. Summer is the time for vacations and the store traffic is traditionally slowest in July.  Kids are out of school and not reading as much. But this July has been full of major news and events and each will have a long-lasting effect on the industry.
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Why You Should Read Introductions at the End of a Book (GalleyCat)
One Reddit user posted a photograph (embedded above) of a single note scribbled in the introduction of a library book: “This intro reveals the novel’s end.” I wholeheartedly support this annotation.
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Copyright Trolls Now Going After Random Bloggers Who Repost Photos (Techdirt)
Apparently, the Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG), one of the earliest copyright trolling operations in the US, is really building up its copyright trolling photo business.
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Kindle Daily Deals: “Spoiled” by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (and 3 others)


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