family8I started TeleRead in the ’90s to promote, among other things, the use of digital technology for family literacy. Notice the F word. It only makes sense that the operation of the TeleRead site itself should be family-friendly.

So effective immediately, we’re swapping “Morning Links” for “TeleRead Links,” so our people don’t have to spend so much of their evenings poking around for fodder for this a.m. feature. Running the Links normally in the afternoon will cut less into family time. It will also help distinguish TeleRead from other e-book sites, which are so morning-centric. If need be, in fact, the Links will appear in the early evening. And, to be blunt, sometimes they may not appear at all. I’m the one doing the Links at the moment and I’m most focused on my wife and her major health issues. Similarly I like the idea of Editor-in-Chief Juli Monroe being better able to juggle work and family needs.

The big priority will continue to be original content, by far our biggest driver of visitors. That said, we hope our links will stand out for reasons beyond the timing.

Detail: TeleRead’s global audience is yet another reason to wind down “Morning Links” and avoid even “Afternoon Links.” My “Morning” here in the Washington, D.C., area is a long way chronologically from “Morning” in Japan or Australia.


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