What To Do When Someone You Know Writes a Bad Book (Book Riot)

Writing a book is a great accomplishment. It can take years of meditating, creating, editing, querying, marketing, and tweaking to get it published. It’s an effort that absolutely deserves praise. But what are we supposed to do when someone we personally know, even care about, writes a bad one?

The Teleread Take: The last person I know who showed me their book surprised me: it was better than I thought it would be. But many of us in this age of self-publishing have been there! Book Riot has some valuable tips on good friends who write bad books.

Rumor: Samsung to take on Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch ‘Galaxy S6 Plus’ (Apple Insider)

Samsung is rumored to be just weeks away from introducing a larger version of its flagship Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, featuring a 5.5-inch display that would match Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, and may even use the same “Plus” moniker.

The Teleread Take: This would not surprise me at all. I am a public transit user and see more ‘big phones’ out there every week!

Amazon Prepares to Launch its Own Food Line (Money Talks)

Amazon will be joining a long line of retailers that have added private-label products to boost store sales.

The Teleread Take: I don’t think anyone should find it surprising that Amazon intends to branch out. But I think there are some legitimate competition law issues about whether Amazon will give their own brand preferential search results or otherwise marginalize competitors.

Publishing and Commerce: Will it Work? (WWD)

As newsstand and advertising revenues plummet, magazine companies are desperately seeking new streams of revenue to plug the holes.

The Teleread Take: The article points out the problem: people have tried to make a new revenue model, but nobody has succeeded yet…

Kindle Daily Deal: Throne of Glass (and others)


  1. “The article points out the problem: people have tried to make a new revenue model, but nobody has succeeded yet”

    Um, no.

    There are many sites with functional business models. Some of the sites don’t last in the long run, and some of the models stop working so well, but that doesn’t mean no one is succeeding.

    That is just business as usual.

  2. Re: good friends who write bad books

    Lucky me – I’ve read several of my friends’ books and enjoyed them all. Not sure if I’m pre-disposed to bias or if I’m just friends with amazingly creative people. I like to think the latter. 🙂

  3. When reading a book, I don’t intentionally investigate who the writer is because I’m more concerned about the content. If it strikes me then I give kudos to the writer but if not then I just don’t mind. Besides we’re all entitled to our own freedom of speech. 🙂

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