Social mediaOn the Literary Pilgrimage (Book Riot)
If there were a passport for literary pilgrims, PEI’s stamp would still dominate mine.

Compromise and Expectations — A Clash in the Making (An American Editor)
I am finding that client demands are increasingly impossible. I try to be politic when responding to clients, but sometimes I just want to scream in frustration.

How Social Media is Failing Creative Women (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Instead of these companies thinking about what it means for them to offer a service to everyone when their model of the world is so deeply inaccurate, we keep hearing the equivalent of “It doesn’t happen to men, so it’s not real.”

Can’t Everyone in the Publishing Industry Just Get Along? (LitReactor)
It’s not enough to be right anymore. In order to be in favor of something you must also wish death and destruction upon the opposing side.

Kindle Daily Deal: Best Kept Secret (and others)

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